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What is the "Country Sunrise News"?


What started out in February 6, 1997 as a modest one page information sheet printed in black and white, the Country Sunrise News has now grown into a monthly publication with a circulation of over 13,000 copies going to 37 communities and 470 locations.


Ted and Jan Mastaler started the newspaper after Ted was inspired by Marvin and Marion Siebel who owned the Red Deer Morning News.


In a modern day society where newspapers are said to be on the endangered species list, Ted and Jan have taken the paper to successful levels over the 17 years they have been putting out the Country Sunrise News. When you consider the personal issues the couple have faced it makes one believe in miracles.


In April of 1999, only a year after Ted expanded the distribution to the South District of Red Deer in 1998, Ted faced some serious health issues including a heart attached followed immediately by two strokes.  For most people this alone would be enough to seriously set them back.  For Ted and Jan it defined them as a couple with strong faith.


With the challenge at hand Jan took over the paper, jumping in with both feet, while continuing to look after Ted who has made a miraculous recovery since 1998.


Over the last 18 years the Country Sunrise News has continued to grow and expand, now serving over 37 communities stretching from Nordegg in the west, Leduc in the north, Innisfail in the south and Three Hills to the east.


The Country Sunrise News is a publication people love to read and is an effective vehicle for advertisers.  It is an effective marketing tool for reaching new customers or keeping in touch with existing ones at an economical price.


Now, with the help of Guy and Angela Tayler, Country Sunrise News is working its way into the digital media market.


Angela joined the team as a proofreader in 2012 and has slowly been learning the workings of a successful newspaper.  Acting as Editor and bookkeeper, Angela sees a vision for the paper that will maximize its potential both on-line and in print.  


Guy and Angela are homeschooling parents of seven children ranging in ages from 6 months to 17 years.  As a homeschooling family the children's schedules are flexible enough for Angela to manage the newspaper and still have time to keep up with their learning on a regular basis, it’s their vision to make the paper a whole-family endeavor.


We all  want to help keep the paper as a family friendly and good news publication that is encouraging and informative and are looking forward to growing with feedback from our readership!  Letters/emails to the editor are always welcome! Find us on Facebook at


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