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Chiropractic Facts

(CSN) Over the years, myths about Chiropractic care have developed and can cause confusion for those unfamiliar with Chiropractic care.

MYTH: Chiropractors are not real doctors.

FACT: Doctors of Chiropractic are recognized and regulated under the same Health Professions Act in Alberta as medical doctors, dentists and optometrists.

MYTH: Chiropractors won't tell you about the risks related to their treatment.

FACT: Chiropractors must inform each patient about the risks, costs and any alternative to treatment as part of their Standards of Practice. As well, Chiropractors must have you sign a informed consent stating you have been informed of possible risks.

MYTH: You shouldn't let a Chiropractor touch your neck.

FACT: There is peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary scientific evidence to support the safety and efficacy of chiropractic neck adjustments.

MYTH: Adjustments are painful.

FACT: In general, adjustments are not painful. Many patients report an immediate feeling of pain relief. On some occasions, patients may experience muscle soreness after their first few adjustments, but this is similar to the soreness you feel after a workout. This sensation is typically mild and short-lived.

MYTH: The sound during an adjustment means something is being damaged.

FACT: The sound you hear is the release of gas in the joint space, identical to the sound you hear when you pop your knuckles.

MYTH: Chiropractic is only effective for back pain.

FACT: Chiropractors are experts in musculoskeletal care. Patients with conditions such as tendonitis, osteoarthritis, ligament injuries and chronic pain all benefit from chiropractic care, which is usually the appropriate first step in treatment.

MYTH: Once you see a Chiropractor you have to keep going back.

FACT: Chiropractors provide a diagnosis and a treatment plan, but it is always your choice to go. Chiropractic is a process, not an event. Treatment for each person is determined based on their individual needs. Just as daily dental care is needed to prevent tooth decay so also your spine needs regular chiropractic check-ups to avoid preventable spinal decay.

MYTH: Chiropractic is for adults only.

FACT: Chiropractic is safe for all ages-from newborns to centenarians. Newborn care is very effective especially following traumatic births or for conditions such as colic, ear infections, etc.

The Doctor and staff at Korsh Spinal Health and Wellness believe in getting healthy and staying healthy. There are many different services and techniques available in our office to meet the need of all of our clients. We offer:

• full family Chiropractic care,

• Hot K-Laser (helps injuries heal 4 times fasted

• On-site Digital Rare Earth X-Ray (means safer picture for you!)

• nutritional counselling, supplementation

• Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression (for treatment of compressed disks, disc bulges and thinning disks),

• Radial Shockwave Therapy (for plantar fasciitis, bursitis, tennis and golfers elbow shoulder pain, jaw pain like TMJ),

• therapeutic massage.


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