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Boost Your Immunity

(CSN)  Summer is in full swing and along with that is the abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits.

It's always better when you can buy locally grown produce. "Why go local?" you ask. Purchasing your food from a local trusted source is better for your health and the environment. Small local farms are less likely to douse their crops with pesticides. In addition, produce that has travelled from distant sources may contain lower levels of nutrients. Local farmers transport their produce a much shorter distance reducing the amount of fossil fuel required to get it to market which is better for our environment.

What are some specific benefits of some of our vegetables?

Asparagus - One cup of asparagus contains a whopping 114% of recommended daily allowance of Vitamin K (essential for bone health) and nearly 66% of RDA of folate (which helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and is also key to healthy fetal development).

Radishes - Traditionally, radishes have been used as an antibacterial agent. Modern day studies have investigated the antibacterial activity of radish extract against food-borne pathogens and have shown that results were comparable to those seen with standard antibiotics.

Watercress - A study recently published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that consumption of watercress can be linked to a reduced risk of cancer.

Spinach - Studies show that consumption of spinach protects against cancer (specifically prostate cancer), cardiovascular disease, cognitive decline, osteoporosis and other ailments.

Onions - Onions contain the flavonoid quercetin, an antioxidant that has been shown to reduce precancerous lesions in the intestinal tract protecting you against colon cancer.

At Korsh Spinal Health and Wellness our patients are encouraged to eat healthy, nutritious and properly prepared meals. But as careful as we are, it's virtually impossible to eliminate all contaminants. Is there anything you can do to prevent illness caused by food-related bacteria and germs? Absolutely!! A strong immune system helps ward off food-borne sickness and other illnesses. A chiropractic adjustment causes an immediate immune boost. Studies have shown that disease-fighting white blood cell counts were higher just 15 minutes after a chiropractic adjustment. With chiropractic care we remove the subluxations and nerve interference, thus boosting your immune system function.

Call us today at 403-782-3341 to schedule an appointment for your immune boosting adjustment!  

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