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Handling Stress in Today's World


In an era of email, text messages, Facebook, Twitter and lnstagram, we are all attempting to do several things at once. Our brains are busier than ever with the assault of facts, pseudo facts, jibber-jabber and rumours, all vying for our attention. Additionally, we are all doing more as we try to keep up with the

children, parents, friends, careers and hobbies. Constant multi-tasking is taking its toll on us. It actually makes us less efficient and increases our stress levels.

But how can a person reduce all the stress in their life? While there is no magical "Stress Relief Potion", at Korsh Spinal we have options that can help you deal with stress. Regular chiropractic adjustments align your spine which helps to remove the stress from your nervous system.

"Text neck" is a common result of our almost constant cell phone use. The average head weighs

approximately as much as a bowling ball. For every inch your head drifts forward ten times more weight is exerted on the joints, ligaments and muscles of our neck and upper back. This can lead to pain, joint and disk degeneration as well as damage to the ligaments, muscles and cartilage. As chiropractic adjustments restore the spine to its proper position stress on the nervous system is reduced and our posture improves which also improves our looks! Regular exercise is also helpful to maintain proper posture. Dr. Korsh has had many hours of instruction in exercises that will improve your posture and well being. Regular chiropractic care along with consistent stretches and exercise are the best bet for a healthier, pain free, flexible you!

At Korsh Spinal Health and Wellness we are concerned with wellness for your entire body. We carry a wide assortment of professional grade supplements. Dr. Korsh has extensive training in nutritional needs and we can provide supplements for stress relief, to boost your immune system and treatment for a variety of health needs. We now carry "flu buster" a homeopathic medicine used in the prevention and treatment of colds and flu - a must for this time of year!!

In our world of constant electronic connectedness here are a few tips to help you relax and recharge:

• Do not check email or voice mail first thing in the morning. Rather spend a few minutes prioritizing your projects for the day and write them down.

• Turn off the email notification/ding alert and switch your phone to vibrate. • Avoid acknowledging your emails, voicemails and texts as they arise. Alternatively schedule a few minutes once or twice a day to handle them.

• Seek out enjoyable face to face social connections every day. Communicating through email or text is not a good substitute for genuine, personal interaction.

• Take digital breaks. Make certain activities "digital free' such as meals, work out time, social events or even one day per week.

Most importantly, come in to see Dr. Korsh for a chiropractic adjustment to boost your ability to handle the stress of this fast paced world. Call our office today at 403-782-3341 to book your appointment.

Bring in or mention this article and receive 10% off nutritional supplements or a complimentary new patient exam (excludes x-rays.and chiropractic adjustment).  

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