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Your Health Resolutions

(CSN) As we enter another year our thoughts often turn to change. It just seems like a good time to drop unhealthy practices and incorporate beneficial habits in their place.

One of the most common resolutions people make is to get fit - more exercise, better eating habits. We buy gym memberships, exercise equipment and dive into a new regime wholeheartedly. But too often after a few short weeks the equipment lays idle and the memberships end up being a waste of money because we don't use them. It is too easy to fall back into our old eating habits. But don't be discouraged. With a strong commitment and the support of family and friends you can do it!!

Rather than spending a lot of money on equipment and expensive gym memberships, look for other forms of exercise that cost less. At the gym, see if they have a drop in rate or if you can sign up for a shorter period of time. Walking is always a good choice for exercise. It costs little - other than a pair of good walking shoes and your time! Walk with a friend and you can strengthen your relationships at the same time. Be cautious when walking outdoors in winter and ensure you have footwear that is appropriate for the conditions. Wear rubber netting grippers or ice traction cleats for extra traction. If you are looking for something that is a little more strenuous try swimming, skiing or snowboarding; join a volleyball team or take in exercise classes at a fitness center. When taking up a new sport take lessons to learn proper technique. Consider them as an investment in your health. The expense and time commitment accrued by lessons is far less than the expense and time taken up by injury.

Regular chiropractic care is another one of the keys to preventing injuries. Chiropractic resolves vertebral subluxations, keeps the spine in alignment and the body in balance. We all know that core strength is important, but vertical neurologic core strength for your nerves and spinal cord, which is improved with chiropractic adjustments, is vital for a strong immune system and wellness. Should an injury occur do not wait to seek attention thinking it will mend on its own. Call us at 403-782-3341 and book an appointment as soon as the condition manifests itself. In addition to chiropractic care we have hot K-laser, muscle stimulation, therapeutic massage as well as radial shockwave therapy. Shockwave treatments are very effective for serious chronic conditions. They are administered without medication, injections or surgery and are applied when the body hasn't been able to heal the complaint on its own.

At Korsh Spinal Health and Wellness we also carry a wide variety of professional grade nutritional supplements. Dr. Korsh can recommend supplements for almost any condition and reduce the need for prescription medicines. Come in with this ad and receive 10% off any of our detox systems - a great way to begin your new year.

The old year has passed; the New Year is here. Dr. Korsh and his staff would like to say thank you for allowing us to be a part of your healthy lifestyle over the past year. We wish you all a healthy, happy 2018 and look forward to walking with you on your journey to health.  

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