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Pastor A. J. Mero

Created or Not

The Air We Breathe

(CSN) Genesis 2:7 “And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”

The process of taking a breath, so vital to each of us, is an involuntary action. No conscious thought is required. No anatomical lessons to learn. No exam taken. No deliberate coordination of blood, oxygen and lungs takes place. We just breathe.

Submerged in water, the breathing machine knows to hold-its-breath, until it can retrieve some air. A choking or smothering immediately produces a no-holds-barred brawl for survival.

The evolutionists proposal of minuscule “change” over vast elapsed time, if scrutinized operationally rather than conceptually, becomes laughable. Is it possible for red blood cells, or a heart to exist for thousands of years while a diaphragm slowly, accidentally developed the ability to collapse and expand a pair of unmade-as-yet lungs? Whichever “order” the supposed process is said to have evolved, makes no impact on the fact that the individual parts need each other to survive. Wouldn’t the breathing process be easier to fathom if all the parts were assembled and ready?

With the command centre (brain) and nerves through a spinal cord; a heart to pump on subliminal command; lungs collapsing and inflating (to say nothing of being able to know what to do with oxygen) … working simultaneously, we can take about 23, 000 breaths per day; this converts to nearly 8.5 million per year or nearly 600 million by the time you have your 70th birthday. All without trying!

The complexity of blood, oxygen, lungs, a heart, diaphragm and brain is staggering in each of the individual components, but the mechanics of the operating parts, each intricate in its own right, then merging into a synchronized symphony of pulsating, breathing life is beyond comprehension!

With respect to the “air” we breathe, the evolutionary community is in a quandary.

Oxygen makes up only a portion of our breathable atmosphere.

78.09% Nitrogen

20.95 % Oxygen

0.93% Argon

0.04% Carbon Dioxide

Biologists realize oxygen is needed for life to progress.

Evolution a Theory in Crisis, Dr. Michael Denton p. 262. And Icons of Evolution Jonathan Wells, p. 9-27 “The earth has always had oxygen- even more than today. Oxygen is found in the lowest rocks.”

Thaxton (Ph.D. Chemistry), Bradley (Ph.D. Materials Science), Olsen (Ph.D. Geochemistry), The Mystery of Life’s Origin, 1992, p. 80. “The only trend in the recent literature is the suggestion of far more oxygen in the early atmosphere than anyone imagined.”

Petrified tree sap, amber, sometimes has tiny air bubbles trapped inside. Upon the extraction and examination of the bubbles, some startling finds have been made.

Time Magazine, Nov 9, 1987, p. 82 “50% more oxygen than it does now.”

New Scientist March 11, 2000 “Some research shows it had 35% oxygen.”

With MORE percentage of oxygen permeating a primitive atmosphere, why would early experiments to produce “life in a lab” omit oxygen?

Philip H. Abelson, “Chemical Events on the Primitive Earth, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Vol. 55 June 1966, p. 1365 “What is the evidence for a primitive methane-ammonia atmosphere on earth? The answer is that there is no evidence for it, but much against it.”(emphasis in original)

Miller and Urey realized a fictitious atmosphere had to be concocted. If anything was produced by the experiment while oxygen was present, it would quickly oxidize and “die.” Instead of a true replication of the conditions at the beginning, oxygen was removed.

Glenco Biology, 1994, p. 325 “About the same time, Miller discovered that the red goo at the bottom of his flask was rich in amino acids.”

Holt Biology 2001 p. 254 Fig. 12-2 Miller/Urey Experiment “Miller simulated the earth’s early conditions as hypothesized by Oparin, Urey and other scientists. His experiments produced the chemicals of life.”

The chemicals of life? This rich red goo is akin to “producing some crayons”, when the end product should be a living breathing Mona Lisa!

The above New Science and Time articles advocate MORE oxygen (yrs. 1987 and 2000)

… while Holt Biology 2001 claims an oxygen reduced atmosphere is a valid scenario!

Conclusion: Life cannot evolve with oxygen. Life cannot evolve without oxygen.

Life cannot evolve!

If the make up of the atmosphere hasn’t been consistent, the present biological and anatomical world cannot be used to critique ancient conditions. The present is NOT a key to the past.

With a higher percentage of oxygen and a higher barometric pressure, people and animals grew bigger.

Holt Earth Science, 1991, p. 293 “The biggest pterosaur flying over the inland sea is Pteranodon. Like all reptiles, it grows throughout its life…”

Since all reptiles grow for their entire life, “Terrible Lizards” (Dinosaurs) would grow to mammoth proportions.

In reality, one major difference separates present day and the ancient lizard….SIZE!

So entrenched in the “millions-of-years” theory, scientists seem blinded to their own evidence.

Ancient Giant Wasp Species (discovered by British Columbia researcher), The Canadian Entomologist, “The ancient wasp was only slightly larger than its modern descendants. The interesting part is that it’s so close to its modern relatives.”

Same creature… only bigger!

The oxygen percentage has decreased over time and all creation has been affected but Jesus “breathed on them, and saith unto them, Receive ye the Holy Ghost:”… a gift that gets better! 


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